Individual Therapy

We've had experiences with a variety of issues and diverse clientele. This includes:




-Physician/Clinician Topics

-Divorce and Heart Break

-Concerns of Entrepreneurs

-Adolescents and Pre-teens

-Topics related to Spirituality and/or Religion




-Young Adults

-Substance Abuse

There will be many chapters in your life, don’t get lost in the one you are in now.

Couples/Family Therapy

Families and couples have unique challenges as they learn to balance their role in the relationship while maintaining their individuality. We offer the following therapies to assist with this:



-Premarital therapy

-Interfaith & interracial


Wellness Workshops

In order to treat the whole individual, we offer experiential workshops and groups. Some topics are listed below. More information on these and other workshops will be coming soon.



-Changing Negative Thoughts


-Art Therapy

-Goal Setting

-Letting Go of Mistakes

-Self Acceptance & Love

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